The Mission is to establish textile printing facilities in developing Africa; fulfilling a need in the U.S. while supporting industry and economies in Africa.

The US has a very limited supply of high-quality (both aesthetically and in terms of fiber content) printed knit fabrics, especially compared to Europe and Asia.  The home sewing market is booming; people are sewing for both themselves and their children at an increasingly high rate.

Many sewers are purchasing knit prints at exorbitant prices from overseas sellers.  Even when the price per yard is reasonable at these merchants, their shipping costs are unbelievably high.

Fabric shops often stock no knit prints at all, including both smaller shops and big chains, like Joann’s.

I am currently conducting the market research necessary to better understand the market size for print knits in the US.  It is clear from anecdotal evidence that a need exists, and I’m working to gather the statistical evidence to back that up.

While it might be simplest to turn to China to start such a venture, I’m hoping that we can instead look to Africa.  Cotton production is becoming a critical industry in several countries there, and if the necessary technology and supply chain components are available, I believe that this enterprise could be strongly beneficial both to Benefactories and to the developing nations we establish factories in.

If the pieces of the puzzle can be put into place, Benefactories will be established as an emphatically humanitarian and eco-friendly company as well as a profitable one.