About Benefactories

Right now, Benefactories is the labor of love of one person, Katie Lukas.

I’m a mother of two boys, a sewer, and an entrepreneur.  I’ve been waiting and waiting for someone – some company, somebody – to bring great printed knits to the US at reasonable prices.  It hasn’t happened.  So, I figured I’d just go ahead and do something about that.

I’ve also been wanting to do something that would benefit other people for a long time, and this seemed like the kind of opportunity that could accomplish that goal as well.  Examining the potential for textile industry in Africa, the data just gets more and more exciting.  A number of countries are turning to cotton farming as a saving grace in difficult agricultural times, and these farmers are small, individual farms, not multinational corporations that I’d be looking to support.

Africa also desperately needs industry, and international industry at that.  I believe we are the beginning of an era in Africa, and I would love to form a company that is able to be there in a beneficial way for all involved.

Startup costs for a textile printing facility are fairly minimal, compared to many other manufacturing efforts.  That said, it’s still not small potatoes.  Once the initial research phase is complete, Benefactories will be examining various funding options.  Feel free to contact Katie if you have any interest in the company.